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Kenyan Runner

Разработчик Earthmiles

Kenyan Runner is an app developed by a runner, for runnersOur exclusive feature: Relay Race ModeDefine the distance to the relay, and the phone number of the next runner. The app will automatically notify the next runner, it will send a SMS to the next runner get ready as you approach to the relay location.
With a GPS powered device it will allow you to track:- Pace and Speed (Minium, Average and Max)- Total time- Total Distance- Altitude- Calories burned
With a Heart Rate monitor it will allow you to track:- Calories with higher precision- Time spent in each cardiac zone, you also can defined your cardiac zones- Total heartbeats of the workout
With a device equipped with an internal pedometer, it will allow you to track:- Cadence (Minimun and Maximum)- Total steps taken during the workout- Average Stride length
It also supports Barometer (if your device has one) to track the altitude with higher precision.
Other features:- Export in GPX format so you can use it in your favorite site- Receive live audio feedback of your distance, total time and lap pace- Works fully offline, no account is required, no need to fill in a registration form